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"Ukraine Rises"

"Ukraine Rises"

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Set at $25,000.00 "Ukraine Rises" stands as one of the most emotionally and physically demanding pieces in my collection. It was a journey of understanding and empathy, as I grappled with the stark realities that ordinary individuals in Ukraine were facing. Each added media is imbued with the spirit of resilience, reflecting the indomitable will of a people beset by the shadows of war, yet rising with an unmatched courage and determination. This artwork is not merely a depiction; it's a clarion call, urging us all to stand tall in the face of adversity and to persistently soar even when weighed down. I revisited and reworked this painting four times, driven by the belief that the people of Ukraine deserved nothing less than a masterpiece. Their resilience and spirit deserved to be encapsulated in an artwork that resonates with power and poignancy. Although the painting's ultimate destiny remains uncertain, The journey has begun, my fervent hope is that it will serve as a beacon, amplifying the voices of Ukraine and channeling support towards their cause. Meticulously rendered on canvas, the piece fuses acrylics with plastic, epoxy resin, and cement, creating a textured homage to a nation's strength and perseverance. Currently "Ukraine Rises" has been donated to a non-profit in an effort to raise money to assist in the rebuilding of Ukraine

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