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James at a glance

"James Burt has always harbored a deep love for art, a passion that took root in his
childhood. Hours spent drawing under his mother's guidance laid the foundation
for his artistic journey. The turning point in James's life came when he
exchanged his business suit for the artist's attire.

In 2017, James founded The Artistik Company, a
mural-based venture that not only showcased his exceptional talent but also
elevated his artistry. Over five years, he created 35 murals, each reflecting a
step forward in his quest for artistic growth and exploration. This path led to
the inception of James Burt Art in 2021, a platform that showcases a wider
array of his extraordinary artwork.

James's artistic strength lies in the fusion of
realism with abstract elements, a blend that excites and challenges him,
particularly in large-scale projects. His love for tackling challenging and
seemingly impossible projects is evident in his work, which is characterized by
exceptional quality and creativity.

A self-taught artist, James is humbled by his natural talent and finds joy in
sharing his gift, not only through his creations but also by teaching. Outside
of his artistic endeavors, James is a dedicated family man, enjoying precious
moments with his wife and four daughters, who share his artistic flair. His
appreciation for the arts extends to theater and music, while golfing with
friends offers him a serene escape, complementing his creative life."